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I?ve found one thing about Entourage I don?t like. All the bloody hip hop!!! God it?s dull. Vince is what I aspire to. Drama is what I generally end up with.

Guess who managed to blank her mind to the fact that?s it?s Mothering Sunday today and then tried to book lunch for me and Dad at 11am? Couldn?t work out why all the restaurants were full until I looked in the diary? d?oh!

Ben Hur on the TV. Yum. One day I really must write that Judah/Messala fic that?s eating my brain.

I left False Colors with Dad, I hope he tries to read it, he loves Age of Sail stories, but reading is something that he just can?t do with Alzheimer?s now.  It?s heartbreaking really, because both my parents read constantly, you?d got into their bedroom and there would be a pile of books on both bed-side tables ? non-fiction and sagas and stuff on Mum?s side, and an eclectic mix on Dad?s.  But sadly the vile disease just makes him read chapter one over and over.

I can?t put my review on False Colors on Amazon UK until the book?s released in May here ? annoying. And I can?t put it on Amazon USA at all because I?ve never bought a book from there.


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