Sore Throat

Which is always a sign of worse to come. I’ve AWOL for a couple of days with a headache, but am feeling better today. Been sitting around disconsolately hoping people will be around to chat

Did a review over at Speak Its Name of “Confessing a Murder” by Nicholas Drayson which I was particularly unimpressed with, to be frank, despite it apparantly having got rave reviews in all the top British Press at the time.

Could you tell me who has spirited away my Lili La Pinke and substituted some mad changeling? She’s been racing around all evening, up and down stairs, has BEEN OUT IN THE GARDEN three times today (I don’t remember the last time she went out – 2005?) and has been sitting on the windowsill chirping at the birds like the boys do. I just don’t know who she is.

No writing this weekend. well. some. about 200 words. How great am I? The drawback with Etherpad? It’s all very zen. If there’s no-one there to see, do the words get written?

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