Wow. Amazonfail update

Whether there is a result with AMAZONFAIL or not, I’m stunned, STUNNED, with the reaction. 

I stand here now and look those few people who have commented here and there who said “But what’s the point of making a fuss” (or things of a similar ilk) and say because you can make a fuss. Sometimes it’s just a case of having a whine and it’s like crying into the ocean and no-one notices, and sometimes, just sometimes, AMAZONFAIL happens. All it took was one post from Mark R Probst, four emails from me to a few well-known sites, and a twitter comment by Vashtan. – and look what we did!

As things stand, Amazon have changed their stance from “we are protecting the public” to “flail flail computer error redo from start” – so who knows where we’ll be by the time normal operating hours kick in tomorrow.

There are over 9000 signatures on the PETITION – I was aiming for 1000.  Now I’ll have to up the target again, I guess.

I’m going to attempt to list the media sites who have covered this, but I’m bound to miss some, so if you see more, please let me know, and I’ll add.

LONG List under the cut.  We rock.

The Guardian

Publishers Weekly


LA Times

Think Progress

Associated Press

Denver Examiner

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Independent

Huffington Post

Smart Bitches

Dear Author (a couple of posts)

Firefox News

The Inquisitor


LIS news (Library and Information Service)



Naughty & Spice

Ed Rants


Net Effect



Powells offer to have a GLBT sale to counteract Amazonfail

Something Awful

Daily Kos

Politics-Random Playground

Gehayi has a great list of links here including blogs

America Blog

Fireball removes Amazon links

Inquisitr advises people to sell shares

The lazarus corp

Norway notices!

News Journal online

After Ellen

Making Light

Oh no they didn’t (expand)

San Diego Examiner:



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  1. pierre l says:

    As I live in the UK, I have a good choice of on-line booksellers, particularly and But I always went to for USA items. Having discovered that can ship to the UK, I shall definitely use them the next time.
    Thank you for your part in organising the protest, and let’s hope for a good outcome.

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