Had a lovely lunch with Dad. Sirloin steaks with potato salad (jersey royals, onion and egg) and green salad with all sorts of gubbins. YUM. followed by the most gorgeous caramel ice cream (Lidl do some of the nicest ice-creams) We ate in the garden which was gorgeous with a nice breeze and surrounded by japanese maples and noisy birds.

Aslan has had his hair cut – far too short in my mind as Mother always kept him almost at show length and this new groomer cut him about 2 inches all round. However it will be easier for Dad to cope with and cooler for Aslan in the heat. But he does look funny. I don’t rate her as a groomer, to be honest, he looks ragged, and as if she attacked him with pruning shears. I could do a better job. Perhaps I’ll try it next time.

Last chance to join the Erotic Author’s Association today until December – I’ve had a HUGE influx of new members this month – it will take most of next month to put all their details up on the site. And people wonder why I don’t keep membership open all year??? It does amaze me how people don’t know how to follow the simplest of guidelines though. I’ve written and rewritten the joining instructions over and over to make them as clear as possible, and I still get idiots who apply and say “My writing can be found on my website.”  or “I’d like to join – how?” *FAMILY FORTUNES FAILURE NOISE* this will get you refused, maties. I prefer people who can read, use their initiative and follow simple instructions!!

OK. Off to stare at Mere Mortals until I break down in hysterics.


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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