Hot Sunday!

Going to be the hottest day of the year so far today, they say, so there’s no way we’ll be going out for lunch. Dad and I won’t die for having a few Sundays at home, but it’s too hot to leave Aslan in the car. I’ll pick up some food on the way over there and we’ll have a nice steak and salad (with Jersey Royals!!!!) in the garden which will be fabulous. It will give Dad something to do, anyway, digging out the parasols. I’ll have to suffer the hayfever which is already making me sneeze like a mad thing. must get some more local honey later.

Dad’s (or rather, Mother’s, as she designed it) garden is so beautiful that I’m going to to take some pictures this afternoon. I’ve got lots of photos on my phone I keep trying to email to myself so I can share them with you all, but they never arrive at my email address. I think the only thing I can do is to email to my other phone and then use the link that orange gives to post them. Grr. I have no luck with phones at all.

I often see other authors sharing character sketches and the like from their WIPs – is that anything that you guys would be at all interested in? It’s not something I’d ever thought of doing, seeing as how an unsold WIP will be at least a year coming into print – more if it’s not even finished (and maybe never in the case of Junction X) but if you are, I can share some details from Mere Mortals – not too many, as it is supposed to be a mystery, but I show pictures of the house where they are living, and explain a bit about the three boys concerned. I suppose I haven’t done before now because I didn’t know them myself. 

I’m not the sort of author who knows their characters inside out when they start the book, they are generally a blank slate and as the words start flowing I find out about them – I like this approach because it means I find out about them at exactly the same pace as the reader.

I’m planning to stop mirroring these blog posts to my Erastes Blogspot, as I don’t think anyone reads it there. If there is anyone who does, can you comment on this, and I’ll keep posting. I’ve giving up entirely on my MySpace as I have exactly one reader there, and I know she reads my posts elsewhere.

Ok – off I go – have a great day, whatever you are up to.

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