Cheyenne Publishing Relaunch!

The new website is up and looks very very spiffy indeed.

Look at the pretty, pretty site!  I think it’s wonderful that Cheyenne/Bristlecone have stepped in to fill in the vacuum that Linden Bay left, and I wish Mark and Leslie all the luck in the world, they’ll certainly have my ferocious support.

I’m so proud of myself, I have really been struggling with GIMP since i installed it, can’t make it do the simplest things (and for GODS SAKE – WHO WRITES THESE HELP PAGES? ROCKET SCIENTISTS?) but I actually managed to install a custom pattern and fill in some letters.  The sense of achievement is amazing. Yes yes, all you graphic boffins will be chortling, but for me this is the equivalent of climbing, if not Everest, then perhaps Snowdon.

More on the conference later.  And may I just say. HERDING CATS WOULD BE EASIER.

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