Erastes and Spam

1. The manuscript of Frost Fair has gone off to Cheyenne Publishing, hurrah! I think I shocked the editor, as he was gearing up to nag me at the end of the month. I do try always to hit a deadline, as creepy as that sounds.

2. The submission call I mentioned earlier is "postal only" and the editor gives the reason that a) it might cut down on submissions and b) it means he gets to spend more time off his PC. As nice as that is, I’m sure, we are in the 21st century, and (as I commented, so I’m not saying anything here I haven’t said to him) it’s rather discriminatory. Just as access should be available to public places here (it’s the law here in the UK) people should start thinking that by being all 19th century about submissions discriminates against the disabled. Plus, not everyone in this day and age has a printer or can afford to buy one. I know that if I didn’t have a car, living where I live and I’m not officially disabled even if I find mobility difficult, my writing career would be entirely focussed around online submissions. Plus – has anyone any clue about how expensive it is to post material to the States? A copy of Transgressions costs me £5 to post to America, and that’s the cheapest air rate – that’s almost as much as the book is worth. I don’t like to think how expensive it would be to post a full sized a4 manuscript with return postage. It just wouldn’t happen.

3. I’m going to give "Virtuality" a spin – or, how it looks to me “Chavs in Spaaaaace” – There’s a newly married gay couple on the show.  I’m taking bets right now as to whether that couple will make it to the series if one gets made.

4. I watched The Spiderwick Chronicles last night, and now I wish I hadn’t and had just read the book.  It was a fairly decent film as those things go, I particularly liked the family apart from the shouty mother, but oh dear lord, could we have cut down on something—lunch menus or something? and got a better digital effects department?  The goblins were frankly, ROPEY. however, in comparison to Twiglet and Boragon it was en epic.


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