GLBT Press releases launched—and censorship!

Adelaide, South Australia – June 25, 2009 Bestselling gay author Mel Keegan has masterminded a web-based cohesive organization combining the skills of writers, publishers, editors, agents, reviewers and artists in the GLBT community to provide an unprecedented public access portal to independent- and small-publisher titles. GLBT Bookshelf is an online resource designed to counter the perceived discriminatory practices of major players in the book retail scene.

Frustrated by the infamous “AmazonFail” fiasco of early 2009, in which the online retail giant was suspected of attempting to deny GLBT literature the benefits of its promotional systems, Keegan conceived of an online community in which all such systems were circumvented — replaced by “community promotion” with direct links to authors’ and publishers’ pages.

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What is interesting that when Mel passed this Press Release to, they refused to publish it unless  All mention of AmazonFail  was removed.

Interesting, nej?  We all know that these big corporations are owned by others, seems that might have a conflict of interest somewhere along the line.  Hardly great for a so called PR company.  Shame on you,

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