Ouch! MeMo and Vampires

Bloody Lucius—who, for those who follow, hasn’t missed a meal now for getting on for a year, let alone a weekend (touchwood)—has just spent five minutes in my arms as I sit at my PC.  Annoyingly, Monsieur Le Malfoy has less idea of how to behave than his brother. Severus is perfectly capable of resting his body against mine, sitting his bottom firmly on my left wrist and snoozing the hours away. Thank goodness for the ability to touch type without moving one’s wrists!  Lucius however is a fidget, and worse than that he’s a woolsucker and “Kneader” and now my right arm is covered in hives where’s been spiking me. *slaps on the calamine.*

Just finished Chapter 21 of Mere Mortals, and the book is nearly up to 70,000. This seems amazing to me – I remember how pleased I was when I got to 20k.  This means it is now at least, book length, and I think it will still take 20k-30k to finish, I’m not sure.  I’m on the downward spiral, and while the book so far has been all about the slow burn and the build up, now things will start toppling (hee – i just wrote “topping”) (that too) and the pace will speed more and more. Think large wooden funfair ride.

Bold Strokes Books have just put a call out for a vampire erotica novella.  I do have a half finished vampire story, begun a long while back, which I might drag out of the cupboard and have a look at.

Yesterday the man who cuts my grass came and when I paid him he said “You spend a lot of time at the computer, then?” and afterwards I thought, “what a strange thing to say.”  If I was sitting watching the TV all day everyday he wouldn’t say a thing, and if I were in an office sitting in front of the PC all day it wouldn’t be strange, either.  I suppose people think that I’m sitting here playing games and watching porn which of course I’m not.  What? What!?

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