yesterday I took possession of new shiny laptop. It’s last Christmas’s present from Dad. It’s an Acer Aspire 5735z and the screen is as big as my desktop. Having big hands, i wanted a normal sized kind of keyboard and a big screen.  It’s so …. SHINY…. It also has voice recognition which kind of rocks big rocks and i’m going to start training it up tomorrow and I’ve always wanted to dictate my books, seeing as how that’s how i think them up, in the car, in bed, speaking aloud like The Mad Cat Lady (TM)

I tried to dictate this but it got a bit confused to say the very least.

I had 2 collar doves on the bird table today. Whether they are the same ones (which i THINK they are) I’m not sure, as I’d really thought that Lucius had got at least one, but it’s nice to see a pair back.

One major snag to the laptop is that I don’t actually HAVE a lap, so will have to find a TV table or something to operate on, as I’m perching this on one leg at the moment, and that’s not ideal…

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