Summer. Don’t cha just love it?

Well, NO, actually. 

  1. First off – it’s COLD here . Thick, thick cloud cover all day the rest of the country is having a heat wave and I’m wearing a woolly jumper. 
  2. Hay Fever. Eyes streaming today. Optrex on stand by
  3. Mosquitoes.  I’ve been bitten twice, and regular readers will remember that I’m allergic. I have one bite on my wedding ring finger which has swollen up so much it hurts to type with that finger, and the infection has spread into the back of the hand giving me the look of some deformed thing from a Hammer Horror and should be kept in a cellar.  Also two bites on the fleshy part of my upper foot which utterly refuse to be itched to break the skin (the only way I can get them to STOP BLOODY ITCHING) – anyone looking through the window will wonder why I have to leap up from the PC every ten minutes or so and scratch my foot like a mad thing.

No I do not like thee, Summer.

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