The Warnings Debate – and Virtuality

Apparently fandom, which is always combusting over something or other, is having a meltdown about warnings on fanfics.  I have to be honest, and say that I really don’t – and never have – seen the point of warnings.  I suppose the same sort of people who MUST HAVE THEM are the same sort of people who either 1. read the ending of a novel first to make sure it ends ok for them or 2. only read romance because they have to know the ending will be the way they expect.

See, I don’t get it. If you buy another other book than Romance, you don’t know how it’s going to be. You take a risk on what’s happening. You might identify with the characters and then the author will kill them off or pair them off with people you didn’t think they should be paired off with, and you know? That’s the author’s right to do so. I assume that fandom started with the warnings for squicks – because we don’t all want to read about golden showers or rape, but the whole thing has got entirely out of hand. Can you imagine the warnings thing leaking to books? I’m very surprised actually that it hasn’t, particularly in America, although some epubs do it, warning us that the book contains objectionable practices such as gay sex. How horrible!! I’m mind to do a post about well-know classic books and add fandom warnings. For god’s sake peeps, grow up. Age ratings and illegal practices – MAYBE (and that wouldn’t include murder, I guess "CSI: THIS PROGRAM CONTAINS PEOPLE BEING KILLED.")but some warnings are just daft. Yes, I know people aren’t going to agree with me, but as I’ve said before, over and over, I read fiction to be entertained, surprised, horrified, educated, taken out of my comfort zone, swept away. I don’t buy a book with expectations – and I don’t want to be told what happens before it happens. Shutting up now as I have no real reason to rant about fandom, not being there any more. Come the day I have to put warnings on my books I’ll give up: "Transgressions: contains male sex, stockholm syndrome, torture, character death, crying women, unmilked cows, laziness, men with long hair, feathers, Civil War, hanging innocent women, underage drinking, swearing, sexual activity, big hats, cruelty to horses, battle scenes which some people might find disturbing, mild to frightening peril, adultery, disability, antique speech, snow and Cromwell." oh what? NOW you want to read it???

Hmmm – I’m watching it right now, and with a Western Feel to it, and twanging chords – the tone shouts FIREFLY at me so far. However the shot i saw of the ship looked a lot cleaner (Don’t tell Mal I said that)

Ok – so this is the American Civil War.  Am I watching the right show? This version I’m watching is cutting everyone’s heads off, this is annoying. *switches to Fox* Was it Fox that cancelled Firefly?  Was it too grubby and edgy for them, and they had to make a nice white ship with a good mix of black white asian, disabled and gay people?

Anyhoo, this DOES look promising. *watches on*

Awww – the married gay couple are so SWEET!!!!!!!!! I mean – come ON guys. Married gay men in space?  Could you have seen that last year?

And it has the lovely James D’Arcy (Nicholas Nickleby) in it.. *faint and thud *

Interesting concept…and something I can actually see happening. In fact I don’t know why it isn’t already happening in the Space Station already.

However – WHY are all the Brits the baddies? Three Brits, three problems.

and….Fox is getting a thumbs up email from me!! MAKE THIS A SERIES YOU BAR STEWARDS!

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