busy sunday

Junkfoodmonkey did a review of Transgressions and really liked it!  Spoilers ahoy so tread warily if you haven’t read the book – Thank you junkfoodmonkey!

Bizarrely this morning, discovered i had a dragon I didn’t get (or don’t remember getting,) and even odder, it was “hidden” and I certainly didn’t do that. *baffled*

Dad’s today AND tomorrow as I have to go and get the car MOT’d – and it’s easier to go and sit at Dad’s for the day rather than have it picked up and redelivered here which costs a fortune. Cars. Think I’ll get a horse.  Or I would if my garden wasn’t 10 foot wide.  OK it would take me a couple of hours to get to dad’s but it would be cheaper in the long run.

I took part in the Sorting Cat Drabblethon and my prompt was “Diagon Alley in the 19th century” (I suspect the Sorting Cat of Cheating – but Here’s my drabble. First fanfic for about 3 years!  All 100 words of it!  :D

OK – now I (just… eek!!) need to copy proof approve the PDF of Frost Fair AND on the story for Queered Dimensions.  Argh!

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