Garages and Puppyspam!

More garage Angst.

Made an appointment for a new MOT this morning at the local garage. Now – once again – if you make an appointment for an MOT, especially when you know there’s only two small things to be done – you expect the work to be done.  But no…. they said they couldn’t do the work UNTIL NEXT WEEK! So that was a waste of time going out in the rain. Third time lucky I have another appointment in LOWESTOFT (bloody long way to go for an MOT) on Friday and they (being brake specialists at least) should be able to get the work done on the spot.

So – because puppies are always soothing to soul, here are some pictures of Josh -  my parents last dachshund – taken all a few days after they got him.  He was so tiny – you can gauge how small he was by the packet of saccharine tablets.  Sadly he died a few years ago of a stroke, but he was an utter darling.  Baritone Jeff – you’ll appreciate these a lot.





First day home and the photos start

Dad and Josh snoozin’  


Puppies are exhausting. so are Hoomans.


Guarding the house.


They aren’t going to make me sleep alone are they??




Boss of the Hoomans

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