GARAGES! We hates them, precious.

I had to get my car MOT’d today (don’t know what the non UK equivalent is, but it’s a roadworthy test done once a year) so I decided that, as I would have to wait a while while they fixed what needed fixing it would be easier to drive over to Dad’s and wait in comfort.

So dropped the car off at 10am, and at 1130 they rang to say that (unsurprisingly) had failed but on a few minor things: a chipped windscreen, needed new brake pads, and a sidelight bulb. So of course I said "please fix" and they said "We can’t do the work today." WTF? What did they expect me to do? What about if I hadn’t had a Dad to sit with for the day? GRRRR.

So I picked it up, then drove all the way to Yarmouth to the Autoglass centre where they put a new windscreen on. So I’ll have to find another place to do the other work and retest it because I’m damned if I will EVER go back to bloody Roger Hannant in North Walsham WASTE OF A DAY AND FORTY BLOODY QUID.

However, everything happens for a reason, as I always say, and while I was sitting in the waiting room at the Autoglass centre, I spotted a new copy of Gay Times Magazine which I jumped on with as much gusto as I would have jumped on a Horse and Hound when younger, much to the bafflment of the other waiting motorists. Whilst reading, I found an advert for two gay historical books by a guy called Nick Heddle, published by Melrose Books: “Simon-A Decline and Fall of the English Landed Gentry,” and "His Master’s Lover" – 1950s and WW1 respectively. Annoyingly Mr Heddle doesn’t appear to have a website (I am doing a post on this vital communication device in a couple of days at Meta Writer) so I’ll just buy the books and then try and contact him regarding bringing him into the gay historical fold! 

Has anyone heard of him? Read him?

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