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OK – I’ve given myself until the end of August to finish Mere Mortals.  I’ve written quite a lot of the plot from the point I’m in – because I prefer to write the ending first, so it shouldn’t be impossible.  But it’s hard to push myself on from here because it all starts to unravel (plotwise) from here, and horrible things happen.  I’m probably using this as an excuse for my laziness, I realise this but I’m getting to the stage where I want to be done with this, at least for now.  It needs a lot of reworking because relationships within the book changed as it went along, changed from what I had planned, which is always surprising, and there are bits where I’ve marked it up in bright green and made a note to self to check this or check that. 

Usually, I check as I go, which means that I generally write a lot slower, but this book I wrote mostly “Live” on etherpad, so I didn’t stop every second sentence to check historical facts, so there’s a lot of stuff that needs working through.  1847 wasn’t a particularly busy time historically wise, but there were things going on in the world which the characters should be discussing.

As to where I place it…ah there’s the rub!  My contract with Running Press states that I must offer them any gay historicals I write—but whether they are going to continue with the m/m line is still in the balance, as they wait to see how well the current books do, so I can only cross my fingers.

I know I have some great historians on my flist – does anyone know anything about Charlemagne?  One of the member of the Speak Its Name Yahoo Group wants to know this:

I’m writing a fan fic. and I need info. about Charlemagne and his court{around 782}. I need to know about daily life at Aachen. I’ve googled and received general information, but I need things like -what they ate, what the rooms were like, how the day was typically spent, games they played, that kind of thing.

Let me know and I’ll pass on any information, it’s really not my era, I’m afraid.

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