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1. KINGS – didn’t see anyone mention this, but it was a great finale. The ending wasn’t exactly a surprise (only because I went and read the Bible story to find out what was likely to happen) but the whole thing was MAGNIFICENT.  Pomp and circumstance. I love it.

2. TRUE BLOOD – continues well.  Was so pleased to see Eric’s Viking beginnings, and loved the way he was made, and by whom.  Hope we get to meet Godric later, as he seems very very interesting.

3. ENTOURAGE – seems to be flailing and really failing to be anything new. Where’s the bloody conflict? so very disappointing.

4. SGA – yes yes yes, i’m several hundred years behind everyone else on this but am really enjoying the hokum. Slashy and funny and well written in spots, and if you were to ask me what my heaven would be? A planet full of Wraith and me with an unlimited supply of the retrovirus. Only people who know me will understand this.  But so much fun.

Havent’ been reading much recently which is very unlike me, but I’ve just finished Lessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane and just loved it. Review coming soon on SIN.

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