What a week I’m having!!!

I have never in my life had so much aggravation about getting an MOT.

Here’s the timeline:

1. Saturday. Rang and booked an MOT at Dad’s local garage.

2. Monday: Drove to garage (20 miles) went back to dad’s to wait outcome.

3. Garage phoned to say car had failed on 3 smallish counts but they couldn’t do the work on that day. Useless. Took car (now illegal) home (20 miles)

4. Drove to Yarmouth and got windscreen fixed (30 miles round trip)

5. Tuesday: Rang and booked an MOT at my local garage.

6. Wednesday: took the car there (5 miles)

7. Was told that they couldn’t do the work that day. Drove home without anything being done (5 miles)

8. Thursday. Rang Kwikfit in Yarmouth.  They don’t do MOTS but said the Lowestoft branch does.  Rang Lowestoft and booked car in for the work and MOT.

9. Friday. Drove to Lowestoft (30miles) got work done. They had no booking for the MOT!!!!!! (Erastes just about ready to burst into tears at this point) was told they could do it IN THE AFTERNOON. No bloody use to me unless I was going to sit there all day. Paid for work done and came home (30 miles)

10. Phoned Orignal garage (see 1) and booked for retest for Saturday.

11. We’ll see what happens!!!

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