Great idea! Ask Erastes!

Yes, detractors, Vaughn R Demont IS a man and here he is doing an absolutely stellar piece of promotion, a you tube “readers questions” video which he’s going to be doing regularly. Well done, Vaughn.  And what ARE you drinking?

I’m going to blatantly steal the idea and do a voice post thing along the same lines, now that it’s not so hugely expensive to do here in the UK.  I don’t, sadly have a mate with a camera, or a working webcam, and I’d rather not have my mug online anyway until I’m a lot thinner.  So voice post it is.

So, please feel free to ask me anything at all, preferably to do with writing and my books, but if you want to ask me anything else, I’ll be happy to do that too. Relationship advice, what’s the windspeed of a coconut laden swallow, what’s the meaning of life….Although I don’t promise to either answer a personal question, or be at all honest about it.

Please let me know if you want me to withhold your name. And if you don’t want to post here, email me on erastes at erastes dot com.

I’ll post (if I get enough questions) a few questions each week. Hurrah!  Ask away!

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