Irritated and amused by turns

I’ve just taken down yet another batch of illegal Erastes books from Astatalk.  The hosting sites were very helpful and very fast, and I’m grateful for their assistance.

However, I suggested this to them:

“Wouldn’t it be better for you to demand proof that the person sharing the files have the right to do so, rather than the real copyright holders having to go through this time and again?”

This is something I would do if I set up a sharing site.  Ask people to say who they were, and to prove that they had the right to share the files, or owned the rights.  That way most of these bastards would be put off from uploading the stuff in the first place.  I suggest that when you contact the hosting sites yourself, you suggest this too. You never know.

True Blood is still rocking.  Best programme by far. I’m caught up on Burn Notice.  NEW SEASON PLEASE. I’m also watching “Moonlight” which is a L.A. based P.I. vampire. Well, goodness me, that’s original. Never been done before, that. No no. However looks like it fizzled out after season one, so not going to get too involved in that!!  What made me giggle was the description of one of the episodes.  “A murderer from Mick’s past is released from prison, forcing Mick to deal with one of his worst fears — his immorality being revealed to Beth.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Makes it a much more interesting show!

Further note on posting Twitter posts on Livejournal.  The really galling thing is that the people who do this, invariably are active Livejournal posters, so I get to hear their news twice. gah!

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