Library grumpity

How is it that I can’t get Lyn Flewelling’s Nightrunner books at my County Library, but I CAN get this:

“An invective agaynst whoredome and al other abominacions of uncleanesse : a work most necessary for this present time / compiled by Thomas Becon”

And yes, I’ve ordered it, just to see what it’s like.  :)  However, seeing as how they made me sign a disclaimer for £129 for a new book last week, if this really IS a 1560 edition, how much will I have to sign this time????

No writing today. Writing tomorrow. Need to read more about 1933.

Oh! AND – I spotted this call on EREC today.  .

Torn Veil Books is looking to establish itself in the Christian marketplace as one of the premier publishers of Christian Romance.

We are traditional, royalty-paying publisher seeking to publish Christian romance novels in paperback and eBook format.

Presently, we are seeking completed manuscripts in the following romantic genres:
Chick Lit
Romantic Suspense
Time Travel

Now, what interests me is how is this going to be pulled off?  Surely anything paranormal, werewolfy or Vampirey is EVIL, souless and undead.  As this is a Christian publisher how is this done?  Is it going to be CHRISTIANS WIN OVER THE EVIL DEAD?  And also, as Gehayi very rightly pointed out to me, how on EARTH can a post apocalyptic novel (and I’m assuming that they mean “as in THE APOCALYPSE, not just “omg, eeek, tidal wave”) be a HEA?  EVER???? 

Gehayi said this morning: 

“By definition, the protags are either: dead and in heaven (in which case they’re going to be worshipping God and not thinking of romantic love); dead and in hell (in which case love is probably not the main focus of their existence any longer); or left behind and stuck suffering horrible torments for seven years so that they can die and go to heaven after it’s all over.

I mean, romance involves building a future together.

The world after Revelation doesn’t HAVE one.”

What do you lot think?  Do tell.


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