More casting for A Game of Thrones.

Jorah Mormont, Robb Stark, Ayra, Sansa, Jamie Lannister, Theon Greyjoy and Dany I think it’s shaping up really really well. I like the idea they are going for a lot of English actors, and handsome ones at that.  I simply CANNOT wait for this.  Please George, write moar. They can film a lot faster than you can write it.  *pokes him *

I’m so close to the end of Mere Mortals I can taste it. I’m working in a way that I don’t recommend to anyone else. I have four sections and I’m adding to them all sentence by sentence, one bit is the main novel, which moves forward, one bit is the end, which moves backward, and the other two are inbetween scenes which are moving BOTH backwards and forwards.

I’m fairly sure that this is not normal.

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