A little miffed.

Just noticed this on the Lambda Guidelines:

As such, it should be noted that the Lambda Literary Awards are based principally on the LGBT content, the gender orientation/identity of the author, and the literary merit of the work.

Has this always been the case?  Or is it a backlash for women daring to write gay fiction?

It’s fair enough, I suppose as long as ALL OTHER AWARDS do the same.  If you are writing a heterosexual book, you stand more of a chance of winning if you are heterosexual.

Obviously if you are a man this can be proved—this is getting as silly as Athletics – but if I identify as a bisexual, are they going to send the sex police around?  What’s it got to do with them anyway??  It’s not a “pat you on the back for being gay” award. it’s a  BOOK award.  The BOOK should be the only consideration.  Not what’s between anyone’s legs, or who inserts what into whom. Or not.


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