Assassin’s Creed is very cathartic right now

I remember after watching The Da Vinci Code thinking that it made a better film than a book – now having seen Angels and Demons, I can’t say the same.  the script was LAUGHABLE. Surely someone as experienced as Howard must have seen that?  But then… why should he care? He’d have known it would make a fortune however crap it was.  Sadly though, there was no Hanks throwing himself out of a helicopter with no parachute. I was actually looking forward to that.

Also – Vampire Diaries. How dull is that?  I’m sure the Twiglet lovers are lapping it up, but sheesh, it’s like watching paint dry.  It’s probably just me, but I find the idea of a vampire who is old-enough looking to go and get a job but hangs around college instead for 50 years or so incredibly unsettling.

I’ve just had another piece of hate mail, from a reader – who says that she’ll not be buying my books any more.  I find it amazing that people can be so nasty.  I don’t think I’ve attacked anyone personally in this whole debate, in fact I’ve let people say what they like without engaging with them – they are as entitled to their own opinion as anyone else, but this Anita Buchan called me a racist, a liar, privileged and entitled.  I completely fail to see how being an (often prejudiced against) minority within a minority can be privileged OR entitled.  These two words have been bandied around a lot in the last few days and I really don’t know what they mean.  In what way am I acting as if I’m entitled?  I AM ENTITLED – if by that word it means “i feel i should be able to enter the Lambdas.”  I CAN enter the Lambdas, and if my publisher puts my book in, I will.  In what way am I privileged?  This – I don’t get.

I’ve often disagreed strongly with the ethics, opinions, religion, and views of many authors – however I consider myself intelligent enough to be able to separate the views of an author from what they write and take the writing only on merit. Shame that others can’t do the same.  i’d certainly not write to them and tell them that their views/religion/opinion disappoints me and I wouldn’t buy their books!! 


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