Bosom Friends – help needed

I’ll shortly be taking over the reins of “Bosom Friends” – which is the lesbian sister-site of Speak its Name. (Link of the new site to come)

It’s a genre even more neglected that gay historicals was, and needs a good boot up the arse. 

So I’m asking for some help.  If you are a reader of lesbian historical fiction I’d love some reviews to kick off the site as there’s no reviews there yet.  I’d also like some recommendations of books to include as I know nothing much about lesbian historical fiction as yet.  As with Speak Its Name, no paranormals (ghosts are ok) and real history only, not AU.

Here’s the list that exists at the moment – which I’ll be amending and adding to, and including links – but obviously  I know there must be a lot more out there and I need to know about them.

But most importantly I need reviews.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve already posted them elsewhere – I’m happy to republish them for you.

If you are an author or publisher of lesbian historicals, get in touch, either here, or email me on erastes at erastes dot com and let me know.  If you’d like the book reviewed, send me a copy and I’ll find a reviewer and get you some attention.

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