Someone needs to draw this.

Keith Floyd and Patrick Swayze together?  I like to think they are both sitting in Valhalla quaffing and roistering.  Floyd is cooking something delicious and educating everyone about seafood and good wine. Swayze is teaching them to dance. 

I’ve been watching The Unit – and while I was a bit dubious about it at first because it seemed just like a Hoo-Rah for the men and Stepford Wives for the women, it’s improving as the flaws in the characters show through.  No women in the Unit though?  Sexist bastards.  And it really really really convinces me that there’s no way I could ever been an army wife – because to live under that kind of Stepford mentality would make me run out there with a gun and kill everyone.

What was inconceivably STUPID though was in episode 10 where Molly got conned by a con artist who made her buy her house when it really wasn’t her house.  I could understand a complete ignoramus being caught out like this “hey, I’ve this old London Bridge to buy, and no-one to take it off my hands” but NOT someone who actually works as a Realtor.  You don’t accept title of a property by someone simply giving you a printed copy of their title.  I’m not sure of the American conveyancing laws but over here we have to prove 13 years clear title before we can engage in any sale. So… stupid.  What pisses me off about this kind of idiocy is that I then start to wonder what else they are making up. And Yes, I know that American Black Ops forces aren’t the best in the world!!

And in other news – i do wish authors would do the fucking research. It would certainly save me tearing my hair out when I come to review. KICK KICK KICK.

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