Sunday rambling as usual

Pulled a muscle in the base of my spine, so ouchie. Don’t expect any sense out of me. What do you mean, you never do?

I’ve had an idea – just an inkling – for a new novel. I’ll let it rumble around my head for a while and see how it goes.  I always come away bunnied after spending a day with Dad. He made a comment which set me thinking. If Running Press do continue with the line, it probably won’t be suitable, as it’s not pre 1900 – so that’s a clue. Not much of one, I admit. But I will say it’s not either world war. It may go nowhere, and I don’t want to say anything yet. Someone who writes faster might nick it.

Jessewave is doing a list of recommended books, and looking through the list I never fail to be surprised at the differences in opinion. Someone recommended the Wraethlu series and I found it entirely unreadable gibberish, and others are raving about the Raised by Wolves books and I found them so blooming dull.  It’s a good thing though, it would be boring if we all had the same taste.

Watched the new Merlin – ok but nothing spectacular, same old stuff but still enjoyable. I think they are setting stuff up for later, as far as I can see. ASH=still hot. Still King. Also watched the second part of Vampire Diaries which was even more Twiglet influenced (as if it wasn’t already) as they dragged in poor Wuthering Heights into it as they did in Twiglet.  What has that poor book done to deserve it?  Not that I’m a huge fan, as you know. It should have ended with Cathy’s death. I can see why emos like it, but I don’t get why Vampires do. I couldn’t help but like the Bad Boy Vampire in TVDs.  I think the producers are trying to cash in to the whole Brothercest thing that Supernatural enjoys as there’s a definite homoerotic vibe between Stefan and Damon.  (and really – how thick are American teenagers?  Have they never read a vampire book? Never watched Buffy?  Brooding, secretive and dark: check. Old fashioned house: check.  Disappears in a blink of the eye: check. KNow you are cut before you do: check. OH GET A GRIP, YOU STUPID WOMAN!

And while I’m ranting. Dear Author: Boxer shorts were not called that in 1920.

I can’t help but get ranty about this.  If a woman is going to write men’s erotica – THE LEAST, THE VERY LEAST they can bloody BOTHER to do is know the HISTORY OF MEN’S UNDERPANTS. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. This is the very least of the anachronisms in this book I’m reading.  Really. I do TRY to be impartial, professional and critical in a good way but sometimes I JUST WANT TO GET CAPSLOCKY ON THEIR STUPID HOLLYWOOD HISTORICAL ARSES.

Calm.  Calm.

Does anyone know how to adjust the time and date when you double click on the clock in the right hand corner and get THIS?  It’s all tied up with the bloody virus I got.


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2 Responses to Sunday rambling as usual

  1. Annie G says:

    In spite of the order of movies/TV shows, The Vampire Diaries actually predates many of the other recent vampire stories (originally published in 1991). I thought the new show was ok, although since my TiVo is limited to taping 2 shows at once and that is a popular time slot, I’ve decided to not watch it.

    Hope your back feels better soon!

  2. Erastes says:

    I’m so sorry that I’ve been so long to reply to your kind comment, but my email service has been spamming all my comments from the site here. Thanks for commenting – and for your kind thoughts – my back is indeed better.

    The Vampire Diaries won a lot of points recently as they took the mickey out of Twilight!!

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