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I wrote recently to have my house “re-banded” – which , for the non UK citizens means, hopefully I’ll pay less tax on it.  We have a council tax which we pay yearly, for refuse, local government and maintenance and stuff like that.  The bands go up incrementally, and my house is in Band B.  This means about a grand a year. There’s been a lot of TV coverage recently about people’s houses being in the wrong “band” so I went onto the website to find out what other people’s houses were banded in the same area.  My house is an ex-council house, so I always thought it should be in the lowest band anyway, and was surprised when it wasn’t – it has no central heating, no extensions or improvements like many others in the road.  Ex council houses are usually owned by people in the lower end of the market, so that’s why they are generally band A.  So I found out that many – most – of the other houses are in fact Band A – so I’m hoping that they’ll reband me because it would mean a rebate, which would be much appreciated. *crosses fingers *

Has anyone got a viable link or knows where I can find The Unit series 3 episode 8?  All the others are findable and not this one. They can get rid of the chick any time soon, too.

I actually wrote 600 words today.  I won’t say they are good words. It’s still not == right. It’s drifting into litcherchoor and that will never do.

I seem to find I’m going to bed with the sun these days, but as I didn’t sleep until 4am last night/this morning – I think i have an excuse to bugger off now.

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