Big Bang Theory – oh sigh. It continues to be as witty and as much fun as ever. Oh Sheldon how I love thee.


I’ve been reading Night Watch by Sarah Waters and although I admit it’s well written (although I know a good handful of writers on my flist who can do every bit as well) it’s got a load of flaws as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be doing a cross post review on Speak Its Name and Bosom Friends because it’s not just a lesbian story, there’s a strong gay plotline too.  But what annoys me is the entire lack of conflict – and the fact that at 500 pages of hardback it needs a damn good red penning. But hey. What do I know.

i also wish people would not write about Ireland when they obviously haven’t a bloody clue about the place. The book I’m reading for review now is the second one in a month which illustrates this fact and it’s so wrong I can hardly bear it.  Catholic boys in 1919 who “aren’t accustomed” to sharing a bed. Someone bicycling from Cork to Limerick and back in an afternoon!!!  The Black and Tans on the streets a good year before they actually were. No mention of CHURCH. At all. GAH.  People!! The Irish War of Independence is not just a fun time to set your gay romance in.  Don’t fuck around with it if you don’t know or don’t care about the people, the culture and the mind-set.  *kicks it*

Does America have a gender?  I know Germany is a Fatherland and Russia is a Motherland, and England is a woman, but what about America?  It’s referred to as a She in this book, and it’s not something I know.

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