Another year older…

Having a good day.  The weather has decided to give me a birthday present and is the epitome of autumn.  A light mist, a slight drizzle, warm for the time of year (16 degrees C) and the colours are glorious.  To treat myself, I drove 10 miles to the McDonalds and had a double sausage egg mcmuffin – and later I have raspberry cheesecake.  One thing a birthday should always include is cake.

I had the best ecard EVER from ZA Maxfield (Thank you dear!) and I’m sharing it with you, I was crying laughing when reading it.

What a birthday shouldn’t include though is accusations of e-piracy, talking of sharing….  I had this charming missive waiting for me (emailed 3 times) from Love You Divine regarding a recent review of one of their books on Speak Its Name.

As the Publisher of loveyoudivine Alterotica, this post concerns me greatly. Since neither myself nor the author requested a review for this title from you, and you plainly state that you acquired this copy for free, we consider this Ebook Piracy.

We take Ebook Piracy very seriously, and so do our friends at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, otherwise known as the FBI in the United States of America. I’m also quite concerned that Erastes believes that this is a petty matter and that a ‘fits all’ disclaimer can dissuade me from my sworn responsibility to protect the company’s assets, as well as those of my authors.

The very morning, I have printed this Weblog page and sent a copy to our contact at the FBI via registered mail. I suspect other authors you review will be equally interested as the FBI in what appears to be your flagrant disregard for their copyrights, also.

What annoys me is that publisher got the entirely wrong end of the stick, and reported me to the FBI(!) (how long will they take to get here, do you think? Will I have time to finish my cheesecake?) without discussing the matter with me first. The disclaimer clearly says that if I haven’t received a free copy for review from the author or publisher, then I either BOUGHT IT or got it from the library. Sheesh. I replied, as politely as I could, explaining this, and explained that when I buy an ebook – of COURSE I have to pass it on to the reviewer, but I am a bloody professional after all—with a history of fighting piracy—and I don’t read the book concerned, and I delete the file from my PC. I can’t do more than that, can I?

How else does she expect me to pass books to reviewers? 

Anyway, if I disappear off the face of the earth, you know where I am. Forward any further pressies to Guantanamo Bay.

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19 Responses to Another year older…

  1. Teddypig says:

    Cheesecake with added nuts. I heard Gitmo has a great cruising spot near the barracks.

  2. anon says:

    My favorite part of the whole thing was how they helpfully told you what FBI stands for.

  3. Jane says:

    Bejeesus. I am sorry that this happened to you. I love the default position is you are a filthy thief. Ugh. Reviewers actually review books that they buy. Or maybe it was a gift. Why is the default you stole it?

  4. Totally ridiculous on the part of the publisher, and extremely unprofessional to boot. If it wasn’t for the fact that innocent authors would suffer for it, I would make it a point never to purchase anything from this publisher. It’s idiocy such as this that really gets under my skin. The publisher should be utterly ashamed of both their arrogance, and complete and total ignorance.

  5. RKCharron says:

    Happy Birthday!
    That is a wrong-headed move by the publisher.
    I’m boycotting Love You Divine!
    All the best,

  6. Erastes says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes – how kind!

  7. Erastes says:

    I coudn’t agree with you more – “sworn duty” amused me. Where’s the swearing involved in publishing (other then when you receive crap manuscripts)?

  8. Erastes says:

    Thanks, jane! I replied to her that how on earth DID she expect review site owners to pass files to their reviewers? I can’t expect reviewers to buy their own books, unless they WANT to, that wouldn’t be fair to them. I haven’t had a reply, so perhaps the FBI arrested her for wasting their time.

  9. Erastes says:

    Wasn’t that kind?

  10. Erastes says:

    Oh – hurrah! Orange doesn’t suit me, but I can work with it. Not sure what I can do about disguising the huge bosoms, though. Where do female ebook (entirely innocent) thieves get thrown? I demand a poster of Rita Hayworth! Anna rock hammer!

  11. Kate Pearce says:

    Happy Birthday-I think…
    And as for the F.B.I. I’m hoping they have slightly bigger matters to worry about at the moment

  12. Erastes says:

    Hi Kate, and thank you!

  13. Brenna Lyons says:

    First of all, the FBI hasn’t been in the anti-piracy business for over a year. After they blew it, it was shipped off to Homeland Security, and finally the Justice Dept, who reportedly have no more clue than the FBI did about it. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes over here. I wasted a ton of my own time, trying to explain it all to the FBI, to have them hand it off to Homeland.

    Second, anyone who assumes the only way a book gets reviewed is by the publisher or author sending out a copy for review is a fracking idiot. No question. I review books I purchase, that I win in contests, that authors give me… Anything I read is fair game, and the first person to accuse me of pirating a book I review will find out how unfun that proposition will be.

    But finally, there are a ton of responsible authors and publishers out there who fight the REAL pirates. Please, don’t let one idiot of a bad apple spoil your opinion of the whole bushel. If anything, we want readers and reviews ON our side, reporting the pirates to us so we can handle them, educating other readers in what piracy is, and generally part of the solution instead of the problem.

    Oh, and happy birthday! I just celebrated my own, as well.


  14. Erastes says:

    Thanks Brenna, and thanks for popping over.

    I’ve had a lot of disgruntled authors lately, so this was probably just the last straw (although I’m sure it won’t be, sadly) – one of whom was similar in tone “i didn’t give you this book to review so I feel blindsided by your unfavourable comments, and how can you give bad reviews when you are a supporter of the genre.” The illogic in that sentence makes my head explode.

    I hope you had a great birthday! :)

  15. Brenna Lyons says:

    As I said, anyone who feels that no one should be allowed to review the book who wasn’t invited to review it (hand picked) by the author or publisher should get out of this business now. I’ve had plenty of reviews that came out of left field…some good, some bad. As long as they were factual and not some sort of libel, I took it all in stride. You develop a thick skin in this business.

    Now, I could tell you about the “reviewer” who not only couldn’t tell you what the book was about but further tried to claim I’d plagiarized two bestsellers in NY in it (who incidentally are friends of mine and laughed their arses off at the idea of me stealing from them)… But, that’s an entirely different subject than what we’re discussing here.

    And supporters of the genre are supporting GOOD work in the genre, not everything in the genre. We all want to see quality work out there to represent us.

    Never mind that all reviewing is somewhat subjective. A balanced review hits the good and bad about a book. Never mind that some reviewers read outside their comfort zone and can get past the fact that it’s not to their tastes, and some can’t. That’s not all the book and not all the reviewer. It’s a subjective bad mix…and it doesn’t bother me TOO much to see a reviewer say, “If you like X, you might like this, but I didn’t care for either.”

    In the end, all reviews are an opinion…unless the reviewer gets major facts wrong or goes from balanced review into personal attacks. But, how often do we see those sort of reviews? I can count the number in the last few years on one hand, discounting a few blogs that do it for fun, because they need discounted, IMO.


  16. ‘Erastes in orange’. I have my new title right there.

  17. Erastes says:

    Now that would have to controversial!!! :)

  18. Erastes says:

    And supporters of the genre are supporting GOOD work in the genre, not everything in the genre. We all want to see quality work out there to represent us.

    Absolutely agree. Hell, I’m not the arbiter of literature, but I think I can tell bad research from good–and whether someone has tried or not. Eventually, I know that there will be gay historicals which mirror the unrealistic wallpaper het historicals, but I hope I can dissuade them from happening for a little while longer!!

    And about it all being about opinion, yes! So many authors and fewer publishers tend to forget this. I’m one person in a small pond and no-one’s heard of me in the scheme of things. It’s just my opinion!!

    Thanks, Brenna.

  19. Layne says:

    Was it a good review or a bad one? If bad, then that’s probably why she’s pissed!

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