Good News (which was much needed)

TRANSGRESSIONS has (within a whisker) earned its advance back in six months.  I don’t know for certain, but I keep reading everywhere that “most books don’t earn back their advances” so surely this is a good thing?? i didn’t get any royalties because of that whisker, but I will do next payday.  Alex Beecroft’s False Colors (which I knew was doing a little better based only on Amazon sales) has entirely earned out its advance

Transgressions had under 10% returns, don’t know what the normal figures are for that. That’s the trouble with this business you don’t know what is “normal” because so much is shrouded in secrecy!  Here’s hoping this means a second printing, and that they’ll continue with the line – I want MERE MORTALS out there!!

Assassin’s Creed has gone hard.  I think I need to hone my fighting skillz because up to now I’d been playing in stealth mode, stealth walking around, stealth assassinations – and suddenly I’m hit with having to fight three Templars (who are hard buggers to kill) AND a load of guards from a trapped position – not fun. I hate to have to fight.  Apparently the trick is to take out as many standing guards before you attempt the assassination.

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  1. Gennita Low says:

    10 percent return is great, depending on your print run. Also earning out one’s advance depends on how large the advance is. The bigger it is, the longer it will take to earn out (and sometimes, never, if there are no reprints). Not earning out one’s advance doesn’t mean that the book didn’t do great either. The sell-through is the important figure.

    Congratulations on the good news!

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