Still no RSS feeds which is bloody annoying.  I’m tempted to insert them all into i-Google. I don’t want to because I like a one-stop shop for my entire news and friends, and LJ has been perfect for that, but if I’m not getting ANY feeds at all, it’s rather pointless.  Most of the feeds are publishers and agents, so I get itchy about missing news. And it’s been several days now.  I may just have missed the “I’m an agent looking for gay historicals.” Ha ha ha. Hollow laugh.

I could really do with a gay historical film reviewer over at Speak Its Name. Is anyone interested?  It doesn’t come with any perks at all, other than the exposure of writing on the blog, but if you’ve seen/got a good few films you’ve seen and would like to post some reviews of them, then let me know.

I’ve finished Assassin’s Creed (always type Quest instead of Creed for some reason, irritating fingers) aside from collecting the bazillion flags.  I’m thrilled enough to finish, I’m not a completist.  Now I’m getting back to Metal Gear 4 and Oblivion. 

Oblivion really frightens me. Not in a scary way, but it’s just SO huge. I’ve said before I’m not an experienced RPG player and I’m getting crushed under the weight of all the STUFF there is to do.  I’ve stopped the Kvatch quest, Martin will just have to wait until I’ve got some experience – I’m sure he’s not going to die just because I’m a bit late, and I’m wandering around Anvil. Can’t afford a bed, keep getting arrested for stealing, don’t know how to access the map of the nine temples I’m supposed to find, been told to find the thieves guild and that sounds like a fun thing to do, although I have no clue HOW, killed a woman’s rats and then was told I shouldn’t have done that—and I was sent to a pub to find some bloke called Galon and he’s NOT THERE. ARGH! I SUCK.

Metal Gear continues to be amazing. There’s one section where there’s a cut scene progressing the plot and you can move around wherever you want. In a cut scene.  My brain BOGGLES as to how that is done.

No other news, it’s a really gorgeous autumny day – delicious dripping trees, yellow and gold leaves and a leaden English sky.  If I had hot chocolate it would be perfect.


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  1. Christine M. aka Laeb on lj says:

    Oblivion is made of awesome. I’m going to restart the game from the beginning (I had about 80 hours of game play in last year when I stopped playing it) but really if you want to go through the Guilds quests and villages quests and walk aroun d in the forrest to fight animals and collect herbs and fight in the arena, etc, etc, you won’t bother with Martin (at some point I’d just forgotten about him and going through the first gate *g*).
    Just one thing. Be wary of the vampires!

  2. Erastes says:

    Thanks! i suppose I’m not used to RPGs – I’m used to doing what I’m told, so when someone tells me to go and rescue Martin, that’s what I tried to do, and of course had no idea what I was doing and died a million times. Now I’m off to do the “praying at the temples” quest and I’ve joined a guild, so things are moving on – I’ll sort Martin out when I’m a bit more tooled up! I’ll defintiely watch out for the vampires! I have a feeling they won’t be angsty cute teenage boys.

  3. Christine M. aka Laeb on lj says:

    Best way to go with this is level up just a wee bit and then go back to the Main Quest, up until you activate the first Gate. Then go back to do whatever side quest tiockles your fancy. The monsters’ level is up to par with your own level based on the first time you activate the Gates. When you go back later, you won’t have so much of a hard time with the Gates! (And the Thieves Guild is made of awesome. The only one I hadn’t explored yet was the Mages/Magicians Guild.

  4. Erastes says:

    Oh, that’s good to know – that’s what I’ve done, really – I’ve activated the first gate, at least, went in, then realised i was out of my depth and ran away, went back to the camp, nicked a load of stuff and headed off back to the nearest town. I have the “find the theives guild” quest but have no clue what to do about that. I was also sent to deal with a rat problem, went and killed them (as that’s what I thought I was supposed to do) and then got told off by the house owner as apparently she didn’t want them killed. No pleasing some people!!

    I think it’s a case of just getting to grips with the different speed of this game as opposed to most of the others I play – in other games, if I have something to do, I generally have to do it straight away, rather than wander off and have fun exploring. It’s a little imposing due to the sheer SIZE of it. But I think, once I get into the swing of it, and have more confidence about the buttons (I have no manual which really doesn’t help) and how to work the spells and the weapons, I’ll be happier.


  5. Christine M. aka Laeb on lj says:

    Feel free to email/contact me if you have questions regarding the game, I spent way too much time on it for that knowledge not to be of use to someone. That and I love talking about games! :)

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