Where’s Severus? He never misses coming in for his breakfast. *worries * ETA: Here he is the little monster…. Starving hungry and cute as a button…

Anyone watching Flashforward?  I’m loving it.  Of course I can see it has the capability to be a huge muddly disaster but so far I like it a lot. Very intriguing. Of course the paradoxes burn me, but I try not to think about them.

Research questions. If one is a professor, would one automatically have a doctorate? I don’t think so, but am not sure.

If one is impotent, my protag has been damaged in the war and can’t get it up – can one still get pleasure from being touched and sucked?  I’m guessing yes, depending on the person, but would like to be sure.

While searching for a name for a character in my WIP, (as I realised he was Edward and can’t be) I found this site and thought it was hilarious. When you do a search it gives you a table of the top ranked names. Then at the bottom it has to explain that number 1 is the most popular, number 2 is the 2nd most popular and so on. Do people really need this pointed out?


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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