Say that again – in English??

This is exactly why I don’t enjoy text books:

Gay and lesbian historical fictions often foreground these three topoi, their parallels with ostensibly atavistic ways of knowing enacted, for example, in Christian narratives, reveal continuities between past and present, countering the tendency in scholarship towards discontinuous periodization of the history of sex. 


The novel’s (The Color Purple) syncretistic use of conjure in this way also symbolizes artistic expression. 


Spanbauer invokes the berdache tradition especially as part of a larger patter in the novel of undermining the authority of any one definitive categorization scheme for sexual behaviour.  Thus Shed’s name itself derives from what Eve Sedgwick might call a “nonce taxonomy” of sexual behaviour.

Save me.

From  “Gay & Lesbian Historical Fiction” by Norman W Jones.

I’m Cletus, aren’t I? The slack-jawed yokel.

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