Thank you for whoever nominated my books on Elisa’s Awards. If you enjoyed them, I’d be happy if you voted for them too.  Although Alex’s False Colors is currently in front, and that’s entirely how it should be. *cheers her on*  I don’t know if I’ve got the energy for doing the Speak Its Name award this year – perhaps next year when the dust has settled a bit and I’m not being such a wet hen.

So! I watched Stargate Universe last night, and it’s looking promising.

It’s on a nice long starship so there will be lots of corridors to walk up and down, at least!

But sheesh – that beginning, could we BE any more derivative?  Stars and a tinkly Star Trek type of thing, which morphs into a kind of Western theme (Serenity) then scans a long ship (Red Dwarf/Star Wars).

But it got better after that. Mark’s boyfriend from Ugly Betty turned up, and a rugged looking Robert Carlyle.

The only major quibble I have that there was so much “standing around and whining” and not a lot of FIXING stuff. Dr Rush (Carlyle) pressed a button once.  That didn’t do anything! Rodney would have been rushing around being a lot more pro-active.

As much as I miss John and Rodney I’m glad that the crew is new. I’m quite sure that there will be wank about the shape, size, gender, sexual persuasion and colour of just about everyone there, but if I’ve learned anything this week, people obviously enjoy doing that.  I just want to watch a show about people in space.

In other news – I took my washing to Dad’s (as if I was 17 again…) but his washing machine isn’t working either, due to water pressure probs, so it’s down to handwashing for me for the duration.

It’s horribly true about men and cars though – yes, sexist remark, suck it up.

But John told me the other day to bang the door of the car to loosen the key and I tried that, to no effect WHATSOEVER.

Got to Dad’s:

he says "why’s the key in the door?"

Me: It’s stuck.

Him. *bangs door with fist removes key*

Me: *impressed* "You are the king of all england!"

Him: *confused*

My Dad rocks.

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