Garrow’s Law

Good Gravy how Sexy are the opening titles to Garrow’s Law?  JUST VERY BLOODY SEXY, that’s all.  An excellent programme, hope the rest of the world will get it,but if not, track it down either online or DVD especially if you have any interest in the 18th century and/or law.  However, London is spectacularly clean. Oh and The Times newspaper didn’t-–until 1966—have news stories on the front page back then.  Bad researchers!  I was also confused about John Julius Angerstein who I had found once or twice when researching art and houses.  I don’t think he ever owned a newspaper, though.

I absolutely love the clothes, and the way they look lived-in.  The working class (and by this I include the barristers etc) are even rather shabby. Nice touches. 

Men in embroidery=doubleplusgood.

i also love that the language aims to be authentic – hard to say if it is, but it works hard at it.  “I have brought these men here to save you, please give them the incentive to do it. And do not deprive me of the incentive to wish it.”

*blissed out Erastes*  Is my time machine ready yet?

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2 Responses to Garrow’s Law

  1. Chris says:

    Opening titles are very well designed. I have a somewhat nerdy question. Does anyone know what the font used is or can suggest a similar one?

  2. Erastes says:

    I’ve fired off a question to the makers, I’ll let you know!

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