Happy 2nd Birthday to Speak Its Name!



Tomorrow is the Big Launch of the Advent Calendar for SPEAK ITS NAME.  Pop over daily to read a new post by a different author every day – there will be a giveaway or a contest daily so you can win goodies and books – and at the end of it, on Christmas Day there will be one big prize for one lucky commenter chosen at random from the 24 days.

But don’t try and peek and open those windows early!  Santa will know if you do!

Well – the theme song to my life (I’ve long been of the opinion) is “nobody does it like me.” Because truly, if there is a wrong way to do it, I swear I will explore every wrong avenue FIRST before finally blundering up the right alley, as it were.

A couple of days ago I watched what I thought was 2012.  I commented on facebook that OMG this is RUBBISH!  Then Themostepotente was chatting and I was comparing notes with her…

And found I was actually watching the wrong film.


I did wonder how something that was a bad as any B movie I’d ever seen had become a blockbuster.  Turns out I was watching “2012 Doomsday” which is not at all the same thing. Oh the shame.

It’s coooooold.  I am wearing four jumpers. And being terribly English. Toast and crumpets definitely keeps the cold out.

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