My post for Jessewave’s Blog this week is asking the question why there aren’t more historical novels with real-life gay men as the main protagonists.  There are a few, but if you look at The List on Speak Its Name you’ll see there aren’t a huge number.  There are standard favourites: Alexander the Great, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare… but not many others.  Where’s the Walt Whitmans?  Who will be the Philipa Gregory of the gay historical world?  Do come along and give me your two pence worth.

There’s a great little site that I use for searching for an agent and it’s called – however it’s been relaunched and revamped and is now called Author Advance.  It’s got a more social aspect to it, and a blogging facility and even better, a cross posting facility to Livejournal which makes a nice change!!   Do check it out if – like me – you are mired in the bog of Agent Hunting.  And friend me!  My name’s the same there, surprise, surprise. If I have a whine about it ITS THE LIGHT GREY FONT.  WHY WHY WHY!!!!!???? Oh and it’s expanded to include submissions to publishers too. An ESSENTIAL site, imho.

And you don’t need to click these btw – i’m just hatching babies so I can FREEZE ‘em. Hee hee.

 Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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