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I’ve just posted two reviews on Jessewave’s Blog – because they were m/m historical fantasy and I bought them by accident. But boy I’m glad I did because they were absolutely GORGEOUS.  They are The Green Man and The Golden Horse by M King, and are seriously beautiful teeny tiny reads. Highly recommended.  The author says she’s working on a Regency and I for one can’t wait for that, if it’s anything as well written as these two.  I’d also like to point out the covers which are just lovely.

The interesting thing is that both books were published by Loveyoudivine, who, regular readers might remember were the publishers who accused me of ebook piracy a week or so back.  I hope that my adoration of M King’s work proves, at least to some detractors that:

1. I don’t review unfavourably because a publisher or author has pissed me off. SO much.

2. I don’t only praise my friends

3. I am not out to squash the competition.


I’ve just finished the first two Bruce Alexander Books about John Fielding “Blind Justice” and “Murder in Grub Street” which were pretty good, if rather predictable. I guessed the trick of Blind Justice pretty early on (never introduce a brother, it makes it too easy to guess) and the other book started well but sort of went nowhere in particular.  However, I’m an addict, so I will order the rest from the library and see how they go.

OH! Talking of Jessewave’s Blog – I posted there yesterday instead of my normal column and asked people to post ideas of what they’d like me to post about – I go through AGONIES every week – and the week seems to roll around so quickly – about what subject to talk about, and I’m coming up dry now, so please, if you want to have a discussion about any matter, historical or otherwise, please pop along here and leave a comment.  There’s some really good suggestions already but the more the merrier and the longer I can continue to blog at that most excellent of sites. :)

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