Saturday update. A bit wet.

Jessewave has a great post running “Historicals – what’s the allure?”  She says they are depressing and she’d rather there were more happy ones.  Do come on over and join in – there’s some interesting points on the board.

Chaucer hath a blogge fyr thee wynne:  Menne who glare at stoats:

“–Wyth the mocioun of the mynde and the eyes aloon, these knightes kan stoppe the beatinge herte of an adult stoat at a range of XX feet.

–These knightes of the Privy Order of the Garter have divyded themselves yn to IV "houses" in which they trayne and recruit squires. The houses aren ycleped Hippogryiffin d’Argent, Serpentyne, Hurlyburle, and Rooktalon.”

I think I’d have to join ye Hurlyburle. I like the safety scissors and glitter.

I love Mastermind.  This bloke chooses “Angels” because he believes in them. The first question is “what does Angelos mean” and he doesn’t know. Messenger, you total crumpet. I think he thought he was going to be asked about fluffy angels. He doesn’t seem to know much about them. It’s a huge subject and it’s not one I’d choose (although I’ve got more right than him) Metatron!  I got three, he got two!

I have just returned from The Shops.  UNBELIEVABLE weather. Hail. Skies like dark charcoal and then suddenly SUN! I had to pull over in Gorleston because the road was like a river. There were waders on the mudflats at Yarmouth doing that flocking thing that Autumnwatch showed, but it was impossible to stop and watch it, but from what I could catch as I drove it was A-MAZE-ING.  As it was against this really dark sky, i just WISH I’d been able to stop AND had a decent camera with a telephoto lens.  Was much better than any of the videos here.


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