Snuggly Alert

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Been curled up with the cats on the settee today – nice thing about having two very snuggly boy cats is that they seem to take it in shifts when I’m not on the PC, if I’m not being snuggled by one, then I’m in the paws of the other. Lili doesn’t snuggle, but she likes being sat next to (she has a kind of raised altar next to the radiator) and will allow me to snuggle HER, as long as I don’t pick her up.

Basically I’m avoiding the WIP – Struggling with it – really struggling.  I miss having a writing buddy who is writing something at the same time as me – the way I used to be with RWDay, and we’d swap chapters and critique each other’s work. I don’t have anyone like that these days and I do miss it, without it I have little drive. I am the laziest person in the world.  I will get the blasted thing done by the end of the year, but right now I can’t even bear to look at it. It’s not that I don’t know what’s happening, or that I don’t like the story, because I do, I really do, it’s not having that peer pressure—if that makes sense.

In the new year I have a new novel planned, and because of the slow speed of my writing I can’t really tell you much about it because I just have an idea, and not sure if I’m even capable of doing it.  Let’s just say I know very little about the era concerned (no surprise there) but I’ve ordered books on the subject from the library to get a flavour of the era, and then I need to do some hard research (blech) on the mechanics of it all—because I want to try and make it realistic and not a Hollywood version of the subject matter.  Nuff said about that. Nothing more boring than Erastes being vague.

And whiny.

Back to the settee…

Oh – I tried New Moon.  I got through about five minutes (where they were snogging in the carpark) and gave up in sheer boredom.  Granted I’m not their target market, but I’m not the target market from many films, and I don’t find them emo-ly terminally dull.

Lili is beating up Lucius and he’s enjoying it.  Oh the shame. I really should have called him by another name.

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