By Gum!

it was cold in this house yesterday!  My last house was obviously better built, it had hugely thick walls and in the summer is was nice and cool and the winter nice and warm without having to burn furniture for warmth. This place sucks in that respect and this PC corner is the coldest spot in the entire house, it seems. Better today, as I have turned the second storage heater on and it feels quite nice in here – hurrah! I couldn’t bear to sit at the PC last night and had to shuffle off to bed around 8 like some old lady… Whadderyermean?  Oh right, you are right, of course, I am an old lady. *weep.*

Please pop over to my column on Jessewave’s blog where this week I’m speaking about male beauty and how it’s different today than how it used to be. I think that sentence is horribly ungrammatical but I don’t know why. I think it should be from, rather than than. Curse English Grammar Schools!  You see, Alanis – that’s what irony IS. Not rain on a wedding day.

We are promised snow, and I can’t wait. It’s hailing a little right now, but I am hoping for better…

*rolls up sleeves* Ok. Writing. 1500 words today before I’m even ALLOWED to turn the PS3 on…

Whoo!  There’s an article in the LA Weekly about gay romance and the Running Press line gets a mention.

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