Mad Men

Where have I been for 3 years?  How on earth did I manage to miss this show?  I’d seen it mentioned occasionally on GLBT tv schedules but ignored it because I thought it was either a sitcom or a modern drama but OMG it’s so not!  Early 1960’s America with a gay character lurking there in episode one. The suits! The cars! The suits! The hair! The ties! Did I mention the suits?

The appalling attitudes to things like child safety, smoking, women… oh I’m so enjoying it!

Bad Flist! Bad!  No biscuit! I can’t believe I’ve missed this. However I have three seasons to catch up on–so woo!

No snow yet… Anyone who has read my short story The Snow Queen will know that I’ll be dashing to the window tomorrow morning. That character is definitely the closest to me out of all of them. 

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