Started out as a good day…

Thank you to the anonymous person who gifted me with a year of a paid account and extra user pics for my Livejournal account – it was very kind of you! :)

Frost Fair was reviewed over at Dark Divas and they really really liked it.

Cranford was lovely. Really lovely.  I must get the books now. Read other Gaskell’s but not those.

i’m blogging today at Jessewave’s Blog and talking about horses and how people need to understand that they aren’t cars, particularly in historicals. Even the biggest authors seem to make the most basic of mistakes there, sadly.

The day started well, apart from being ruddy cold – but it’s ended badly – Lucius didn’t get up to eat his dinner, and if anyone knows Lucius that’s a pretty drastic sign.  He did have a runny eye a day or two ago, but that’s been bathed and it seemed to be better.  Finally he got up at my urging and ate a mouthful or two –but he’s not putting any weight on one of his back legs. GOD knows what he’s done. I don’t want to maul him around and make him uncomfortable, so he’s curled up on a blanket in the warm.  There’s no blood, so I’m ASSUMING it’s a pulled muscle from leaping down from somewhere or something.  And typically, the vet is closed—and tomorrow, instead of the open house they have it’s appointment only, so I’ll have to get up early in order to get an appointment.  Is there some kind of animal rule that they pick the most awkward times to get ill? I’m sure he’ll be fine, but i’ll keep you posted, of course. Poor little sweetie.  No wonder he didn’t want to get off his chair, and he pathetically waited for me to pick him up and put him back on it. *worry worry worry worry *

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