this is what pisses me off about RPGs

For calculating magicka costs of this spell, the level needs to be converted into a magnitude, see Magnitude to Level Conversion. One implication is that the enemy levels affected by any Command Humanoid spell will be less than the quoted values if your Spell Effectiveness is less than 100%

I can only reply to that by turning myself into a football hooligan and saying: “You what? You what? You what you what you what?”

And this is why I fail at these games. I haven’t a clue what that means, there’s no hints in game as to how to even GET spells, and so far I’ve been surviving with a massive sword (blushes modestly) and a fireball. I’ve found that if you stand far enough away from an enemy and he hasn’t seen you, you can fire fireballs at him until he dies and he just stands still and takes it.

Thanks to Henri, my very dear friend, for remembering what day it was today and giving me a long and chatty phone call. It was much much appreciated.  I admit that I was very low last night and Severus seemed to know and wouldn’t leave me alone, clambered into bed with me and snuggled through the night. Of course, the fact that it was minus four outside MIGHT have something to do with it but I prefer to think he picked up on my low-ness. Bless his furry face.

Dad and I are going out for Christmas dinner, it’s been the first time we’ve thought that “it’s time” to do that – not that I MIND cooking—with all the ready to cook stuff it’s so easy to do, but it’s a bit of a faff and a lot of unnecessary expense—so we are going to the Keswick Hotel so I think it will be fun – there will be other people there and the atmosphere will be jolly. I’m cooking on Boxing Day, and we are having lamb—none of us are mad on turkey anyway. I wanted to get a goose, or pheasant– but couldn’t find one, I guess one needs to go to a butcher rather than relying on supermarkets.  I will be more organised next year.

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  1. But, what’s fun about video-game RPGs is that the computer or console does the counting for you :) (I play D&D and it’s complicated, too cos there are percentages, only you need to count things yourself and then throw dices.)

    There are many ways to play Oblivion (I actually restarted playing the game about a month ago). I’m mostly playing the thief/assassin side of my character (light armor, sneaking, range weapons and a short sword when I am doing melee). I have 3 spells so far (healing, fireball and i third i never use), I prefer to wait until my other skills are more developped (and I have more Magika from levelling up and having boosting, special items). I’m about to join the Mage’s Guild so maybe I’ll up my Magic-related skills and buy some new spells. But train any and all range attacks (bow & arrow, range spells and scrolls. I find them particularly useful in the Oblivion gates and the caves/dungeons as if you catch them unaware, and while sneaking, you’ll do triple damage and if they don’t see you, you can keep shooting them.

  2. erastes says:

    Ah – that’s helpful – that’s exactly how I’m playing it as a theif/assassin so it sounds like i’m doing the right thing so far! Thank you! I didn’t know that I could get training and/or spells from the guilds (no booklet which hampers my knowledge!!) so I’m doing that gradually. My main problem is that I have been made into a vampire and I really didn’t want to be. (however much Vincente was leering at me!) – so now I need to sort out the recommendations quests and get into the Arcane University and get cured!

  3. Christine M. says:

    One of the reasons why I picked range as opposed to melee is vampires. Doing quests you’ll find them in a semi-regular basis (one of the final quests for the Gray Fox, a secondary quests in the Imperial City, and in random caves all over the map). The trick is to collect and gather as much ingredients as you can if you haven’t bought the little house in the Imperial City’s Waterfront yet, I strongly suggest you do so asap (it’s only 2000 gold). Once you own it, no onewill ever break in and you can store all the ingredients you pick/collect/gather/buy to make potions and when some missions/quests call for specific ingredients (like curing vampirism), chances are you’ll already have part (if not all) of them on hand! That and you can store all the items you picks up during your quests (extra weapon and armor, magic items, scrolls, stolen goods, etc.)

    There are people in the various Guilds and Cities that can train you for a fee (btw you can become a member of each Guild simultaneously so I strongly suggest you join the Fighters Guild for its food, melee and range training and free weapons (which you can then sell to make some money) and the Mages Guild for the potions/ingredients and the training in magic. Personally I’m now ‘Guildmaster’ of the Dark Brotherhood, of the Thieves Guild and the Fighters guild and like I mentionned in my other post I’mm left with doing the Mages Guild quests and figure out what’s all that fuss about necromancy. *g* I never joined in my other game so it’ll be completely new stuff, I’m really curious!

    Oh and before I forget, you know that when you ‘read’ some books you’ll raise your skills? (I think there are two of those books in the Darkbrotherhood lair in Cheydinhal, in one of the chests in the training room. Once they’re read and you’ve improved such and such skills, you can sell them. They’re usually worth a little more than your average books. I also remember a quest (Fighters Guild I think) in which the reward is a book, once you receive it, if you read it it improves your Balde skill, or something like that. I remember because the bf had been frustrated that his reward was ‘just a book’… that is until I told him to read it. *g*

    (Btw, I finally thought of following your blog so feel free to rant about Oblivion whenever you want, I’ll do what I can to help you!

  4. Erastes says:

    Thank you! Yes – I’d found that you can generally kill people at a distance – managed to get through most of the first vampire lair like that – even the boss – just stood back and blasted him with my fire ball and he didn’t even run towards me, but I was careless and let one get too close and bam – i’ve gone from pretty girlyboy to ugly bugly.

    I’ve been reading everything i can get my hands on – or at least opening the books, once i realised that some books can increase skill. I didn’t realise (stupidly) that you can PUT THINGS INTO CUPBOARDS until very recently, so I was constantly over encumbered and i’ve had to drop a lot of stuff in stupid places.

    I knew there was a house in Imperial City, but I’ve only been there a couple of times, and it was all about the waterfront, so I need to go back and chat to people and find out how to buy it. What about empty houses of people I’ve killed? CAn I squat there safely?

  5. In the Market Place there’s the Office of Trade or something similar and when you talk to the lady inside, you can ask to buy the house. It’s the cheapest place in the game. There’s a house for sale in each city but I would be wary of ‘living’ in the house of someone you killed, in the case place is sold to someone (I never tried so I don’t know if it actually happens). Another thing that might interest you is that instead of buying arrow, if you go to (arrow) shooting ranges you’ll often find someone practicing and shooting at a target. You can pick any and every arrow they shoot. After a point they’ll walk to the target and pick up the arrows (whether they’re there or not) and start shooting again. And you can do this ad vita eternam, which is a nice way to get some arrows without paying for them. Also, keep any solver arrows you stumble upon for Phantoms, Leeches and the like, since nothing but silver and magic hurts them. =)

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