well I got my wish!

I wish i had a camera now so I could take a picture. Six inches of snow and gorgeous sunshine. PERFICK.

However that means no Dad today, the main roads are undoubtedly gritted but I have 3 miles of country roads to navigate before the main road so I’ll go tomorrow instead. I have food drink and catfood so I can manage for a day.

I have to say that I’m getting hugely sick of the NIMBY gay-lit Queens who are going all Betsey Trotwood over the donkeys on their lawn.  On the article on the LA Weekly there’s one particularly speshul snowflake who has this – among other moronic and deliberately inflammatory–things – to say.

Your writers are pretending to be gay men — which they are not. These FRAUDS are poaching on the exceedingly hard-won territory of gay literature. As a result a lot of serious writing by gay men is being swept to one side while this psycho-sexual hen party has its way with my life and the lives of those I’ve loved. I have nothing but contempt for this.

Oh way to be professional David. There’s always one.  I’m grateful for level heads such as Teddy Pig’s.


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