Snow overnight, and lovely lovely sunshine.  Hornblower on the tv, tea and Crumpets. I don’t think there could be any nicer set up to a winter’s morning, to be honest. Or perhaps I’m just easily satisfied in the mancandy and gob department.

The birds have: apples, suet pellets (home made), seeds, fat balls, crumpets, meal worms, peanuts.  They are all sitting in the trees now their tummies full to bursting.  Don’t forget the big RSPB Garden Birdwatch either today or tomorrow – one hour is all it takes, and if you have snow it’s an ideal opportunity to get them birdies in and counted!

I have that lovely blissed out feeling that I only get after sex and after having finished a piece of writing. It’s a bit of cheat, as it was only 21k and I know several authors who could produce 21k in a day or two, not struggle for months like I just have, but it’s still a sense of satisfaction. *smug*

Now onto This Year’s Novel.  I’m pretty sure it will be Fleury Rides Again (not real title) – any suggestions for a title, Peeps?  Fleury Does America is a good description but not exactly what I want it to be called!!  It’s much lighter hearted (I hope it will be) from anything I’ve written since Hard and Fast, so a light hearted title would be good.  Balls and Braces or something like that. I know your filthy minds, I’m sure you’ll come up with some good ideas. Or in the case of Kitty May and Chris Smith – totally barking. Any ideas?


  Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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