Hurrah – Tributary is finished

I’ve finished Tributary – at long long last! for 21k it took as long as Mere Mortals (well, no it didn’t but it bloody felt like it.)  Now I just need to inflict it on the betas and it’s off to Noble Romance!  I’ll let you know when it’s to be released, but it’s going to be a great anthology (imho) as the mix of stories is excellent, and all of the other 3 writers are varied and talented. And they know their stuff, too.

NOW i can start something new!!  And I think it’s definitely going to be Fleury Does Dallas (and New orleans, and New York and Boston) **

** working title.

The old adage is true. I do not like writing. I like having written.  Too late to celebrate in my normal way with pink cava – that will wait until tomorrow.  Then Sunday – Fleury time.

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