Jessewave has an interview with me today – and it’s here.  I wish I were more INTERESTING. Not some geek who loves sci-fi and the Big Bang Theory and has no life at all.

As you can see on that interview, I’ve officially announced a new release – an anthology (subject to the final approval by Noble Romance) of four novellas by Charlie Cochrane, Jordan Taylor, myself, and debuting Chris Smith.  The three stories that aren’t mine are all wonderful, varied in voice and locations from Hong Kong to Canada to Egypt to Italy and all of them set on the brink of some major change in history.  The lull before the storm, as it were.  Working title is THE LAST GASP.  I’m allowing myself to be excited.  Of course I need to finish MINE, which is the only thing holding it up at the moment.

And more NEWS – Hard and Fast has been picked up by Audiolark and will be an audio book at some point.  I’m wondering who on EARTH they’ll get to narrate it, and how they’ll cope with Geoffrey.

I wish I knew where my father hid things – he keeps saying he’s lost stuff and we have a panic searching the house out, and then the next time I do over he’s found it and doesn’t even remember having lost it.  There’s obviously a hiding place i haven’t found yet…

I was watching Lloyds of London yesterday with Freddie Barthomolew and Tyrone Power. OMG it’s so slashy.  Also speaking of slash, I was watching Poirot this morning and some woman was railing at Hastings:  “Don’t you know what’s it’s like to love a man???”  and Hastings’ response was hilarious. He nearly choked.  “Er…. um…no – actually.”

I bet you do, Arthur.  You went to a boarding school…Methinks the Captain protests too much.

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