We had sun, and now it’s gone again…

Big Garden Birdwatch 30-31st January.  I encourage all you Brits to participate this year – with the very cold weather we had, the numbers will be especially needed. It only takes an hour and there’s a handy dandy form to help you tick off the birds you see.  I’m short on chaffinches this year, haven’t see one – but I have long tailed tits, they’ve been back again today, so that sort of makes up for it. Almost.

Has the official pronunciation of Don Quixote changed in recent years – did I miss it?  I’ve heard two people say Don Quick-sote recently, including Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge – so I’m just wondering… Anyone know?

My post on Jessewave’s Blog yesterday was about the Titles of books, and what makes them appealing/unoriginal or otherwise. Do pop along and add your tuppence worth.


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